Monday, April 5, 2010


Click, Read, Love.

For some reason this comic came out of GMod really dark, so I messed with the brightness and contrast a bit. It still doesn't look as good as I had hoped but at least you can see it. I'm sure anyone who is worth their salt in Photoshop is cringing at the results of my handiwork.

If you haven't heard about the RNC's hot spending action you can read up about its latest chapter here. I hesitate to link to HuffPo because the site's layout looks as terrible as the Drudge Report's, except it's louder and more tech savvy. I don't know if this is to HuffPo's credit. Yes, it's colorful and I can connect straight from a story to Twitter or Facebook, but HuffPo's particular use of these features generally makes me want to scour my eyes with a pumice stone.

I must also register a complaint with this scandal being named "Bondage-Gate." I think we can do better that. For example, the RNC launched the very probe that exposed this hilarious spending spree on planes, limos, hotels, and of course the lesbian/bondage themed strip club. So why not call this "Trenchcoat-Gate," since RNC members were likely exposing themselves on both ends of this scandal. Or given Republicans' pension for claiming that they're the party of fiscal responsibility, strict morals, and denying civil rights to homosexuals we could call this "Irony-Gate." Then again, at this point right-wing hypocrisy is so common place that "Cliché-Gate" might actually be more fitting. Of course there's always just "Gimp-Gate." What would you lot call this scandal?

We could also call my post "Stereotypical-Leftist-Blog-Rant-...Gate."

I think I need to take a break from the political rage-ohol.

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