Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just out there, like the Goblin King's Bulge.

Click it to read it folks!

Again with the Gaga jokes? Geez, what's my deal with her anyway? Well, she kinda brings it on herself. I mean, when you go out in public looking like this:

How do you honestly not expect me to compare you to Marilyn Manson? I harbor neither artist ill will, just thousands of eye rolls.

Hey here are some classy GMod outakes:

A fishy, fishy, fishy, Oooh?

An unexpected and disturbing cameo:

I needed new rag dolls to pose and GMod decided to spawn them this way:

Either GMod is a handy Rule 34 generator, or it's not so subtly hinting at where it wants this story to go.

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