Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mental Detritus: On Human-Centipedes

This year's UK based Film4 Frightfest is showing a film called The Human Centipede: First Sequence, which is about a deranged surgeon with a dream for the future of mankind that entails removing knee caps and connecting people ass to mouth to form a centipede like abomination. I think speak for everyone when I ask, "What...the... fuck?"
Great, now my idea to make to make a horror movie reinterpretation of Hands Across America where people's palms are stitched together (tentatively tittled: Chained Across DOOMerica) just seems derivative. Although, if you mixed the two premises you'd have one hell of a nightmare scenario... I should tell Robit-bot to get Tom Six on the line.

Also, this is yet another reason why Senator Brownback's Anti-Centaur Act is simply a waste of time. If you won't let people make human-animal hybrids through genetics then apparently someone will think of a way to do it through needlework. The future is now Brownback and it is much more horrifying than you can imagine.

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